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Common Questions

The Commission is established by Tribal Ordinance (Law) and has set the highest standards for integrity and honesty in how gaming activities are conducted. This process is continued through the licensing of employees and vendors.
The purpose of this information is to promote an awareness of the Cabazon Tribal Gaming Commission and educate the public on how Indian Gaming is regulated in California. It is our hope that the following information will promote continued confidence in the integrity of Indian Gaming and how it is regulated. The Cabazon Tribal Gaming Commission is an independent governmental gaming regulatory agency for the federally recognized sovereign government of the Cabazon Band of Cahuilla Indians. The commission reports directly to the Tribal Government; therefore, has no dependence or reporting relationship to the Casino or its Management.

Who Regulates Indian Casinos?
The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) and the State of California recognize the sovereignty and independence of the Tribal Government and its authority to establish its own governmental regulatory agency commonly known as the Tribal Gaming Commission or the tribal Gaming Agency. This Tribal Gaming Commission is tasked with the responsibility of licensing and enforcement for compliance of all Federal, State and Tribal Gaming Laws and Regulations. In addition, the NIGC has enforcement authority over class II (Bingo and Poker) gaming Regulations. Pursuant to Section 7 of the Tribal-State Compact, the Tribal Gaming Commission has the recognized on site enforcement authority to enforce compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, the Compact, and the Tribal Gaming Ordinance and Regulations. The California Division of Gambling Control is allowed to monitor tribal regulatory efforts and point out areas where they believe there may be deficiencies. The State Regulatory Officials may assist in the conduct of investigations, if called upon by Tribal Regulatory officials.

What Do The Regulations Do?
The Tribal Gaming commission conducts background investigations on gaming employees and vendors, and when appropriate, issues them gaming licenses. The regulators establish internal control, test gaming machines to ensure their integrity, ensure the safety of patrons, protect the tribal assets and enforce compliance with regulations by licensing sanctions, and (when necessary) prosecution. In addition, the California Regulatory Officials have the authority to conduct background investigations on gaming employees and vendors and to issue certifications for vendors and non-tribal member employees.

Can The Machines Be “Fixed”?

Tribal gaming commissions test machines to ensure their integrity. Gaming (Slot) machines are totally computer controlled for random selection and programmed for minimum/maximum odds and pay outs.

The programmed chips which control these machines are tested and certified by an independent test laboratory to ensure compliance with regulated odds and required pay out percentages. These chips are again tested and verified by the tribe prior to the machine going into play in the casino. The chip is secured in a separate compartment in the machine that contains a Tribal Gaming Commission Seal and cannot be accessed without a Tribal Gaming Commission Rep. The gaming machines are then randomly checked, tested, and verified by the Tribal Gaming Commission on a routine basis.

If I think I’ve Been Cheated, Who Can Help Me?
The Tribal Gaming Commission requires that Inspectors be on duty during all hours of operation. If for any reason you earnestly believe you have been wronged in any gaming activity at the Fantasy springs Resort Casino, you should ask for a Tribal gaming Inspector. The Inspector should gather all information and conduct an investigation. Some follow up investigation may be required. The Inspector may make a determination immediately or may advise you that final determinations will be made by his superiors. In any event, you have the right to an investigation and the Tribal Gaming Commissions has the obligation to make a fair and impartial resolution of the matter and advise you of their determinations.

Tribal Gaming Regulators take their responsibilities very seriously. They work very hard to ensure the integrity of Indian Gaming and that it is conducted honestly and fairly for the gaming public. They also work hard to ensure the safety and welfare of patrons and employees. We have an obligation to earn the trust and confidence of the gaming public and to protect the tribal gaming operations from illegal activities or attempted infiltration by undesirable or criminal elements.

The Cabazon Tribal Gaming Commission Supports Responsible Gaming.
If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, visit the California Council on Problem Gambling or CALL 1.800.522.4700.

For further information contact the Office of The Cabazon Tribal Gaming Commission at 760.342.5000.

Frank Curry
Commission Chairman

Thomas L. Freeman Col, Ca., Ret.

Jeff Hays

Peggy Schaff

James F. Battin, Jr.

Teri Poust