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The Rock Yard outdoor concert stage is an amphitheater-style area featuring two side-by-side stages holding audiences of passionate music fans. The Rock Yard runs from Spring to Fall and is always live, always free, and always outdoors. New beer and drink specials (often themed to the bands performing on stage) are offered weekly. Guests must be 18 and older to rock. Runs from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Alineación de Rock Yard

Rock Yard


(Bon Jovi Tribute) with Anthem Road
October 22 (Fri)

Rock Yard

Hollywood U2

(U2 Tribute) with Slow Burning Car
October 23 (Sat)

Rock Yard

Just Like Priest

(Judas Priest Tribute) with Almost Famous
October 29 (Fri)

Rock Yard

Kissed Alive

(Kiss Tribute) with Saints of Las Vegas
October 30 (Sat)

Rock Yard

Kenny Metcalf as Elton The Early Years

(Elton John Tribute) with Steel Rod
November 5 (Fri)

Rock Yard

¿Cuál es rosa?

(Pink Floyd Tribute) with Steel Rod
November 6 (Sat)

Rock Yard

LA Guns

(Rock Yard on Steroids) with Steel Rod
November 12 (Fri)

Rock Yard


(Journey Tribute) with Steel Rod
November 13 (Sat)

Rock Yard

The Long Run

(The Eagles Tribute) with Steel Rod
November 19 (Fri)

Rock Yard

Daño Inc.

(Metalica Tribute) with Steel Rod
November 20 (Sat)

Rock Yard

No Duh

(No Doubt Tribute) with Electric Ash
November 26 (Fri)

Rock Yard

Red Hot Cholo Peppers

(Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute) with Rock Stallion
November 27 (Sat)