The Rock Yard outdoor concert stage is an amphitheater-style area featuring two side-by-side stages holding audiences of passionate music fans. The Rock Yard runs from Spring to Fall and is always live, always free, and always outdoors. New beer and drink specials (often themed to the bands performing on stage) are offered weekly. Guests must be 18 and older to rock. Runs from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Rock Yard Lineup

Atomic Punks

Urgent LA

(Foreigner Tribute) with Crimson Crow 
December 4 (Fri)

Atomic Punks

Led Zepagain

(Led Zeppelin Tribute) with Playground 
December 5 (Sat)

Atomic Punks


(Pearl Jam Tribute) with Pandora's Rock 
December 11 (Fri)

Rock Yard

Lose Your Illusion

(Guns and Roses Tribute) with Steel Rod 
December 12 (Sat)

Rock Yard

Dog N Butterfly

(Heart Tribute) with Know Illusion 
December 18 (Fri)

Rock Yard


(Journey Tribute) with Almost Famous 
December 19 (Sat)

Rock Yard

The Police Academy

(The Police Tribute) with Steel Rod 
December 25 (Fri)

Rock Yard

Bruno and the Hooligans

(Bruno Mars Tribute) with Steel Rod 
December 26 (Sat)