Take a spin with exciting new Blackjack game

We know what you’re thinking — how can Blackjack get more exciting?

Well, we’ve got good news for you. At Fantasy Springs, it just did.

Our Bonus Spin Blackjack game allows players an opportunity to win a progressive jackpot of various cash prizes. All you have to do is place a regular Blackjack bet and add the optional $5 bonus spin side wager.

The rules are simple:

Players who receive an Ace in their first two cards are paid even money. Players who are dealt a Blackjack, then press a button that spins a virtual wheel, allowing them a chance to win various cash payouts including a top prize progressive.

All bonus spin side bets lose if a player does not have an Ace or Blackjack in their first two cards. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t win.

Even without getting a Blackjack, players have a chance to win a prize if the wheel lands on a slice with multiple payouts. The player with the Blackjack wins the larger amount and anyone at the table who made the Bonus Spin side bet wins a secondary amount.

It’s a spin-win proposition you don’t want to miss.